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  1. To start off, simply click on the Fletching or Woodcutting skill. This will bring you to the Catherby Bank area. Be sure to look for Wilfred From here, you have a shop to use for advancing each level.
  2. To start off Agility, simply click on the Agility skill. This will give you a few options to choose from. Each one is level based. Be sure to look for Cap'n Izzy No Beard From here, you can choose to buy items out of the shop with tickets or buy experience instead.
  3. To simply start off Thieving, click on the Thieving Skill. This will bring you to the AFK zone where there are a select few shops. Be sure to look for the Merchant From here, you can thieve the stalls and sell the items to the shop.
  4. To simply start off Herblore, click on the Herblore skill. This will bring you to the AFK zone where there are a select few shops. Be sure to look for the Druid Spirit From here, you have a whole shop of items to use.
  5. To simply start off crafting, click on the Crafting Skill. This will bring you to the AFK zone where there are a select few shops. Be sure to look for the Master Crafter From here, you have a whole shop of items to craft with.
  6. Thank you, great to know!
  7. Welcome to Platinum! Step 1: Starting off, let's create an account: From here, you can choose between a regular account, ironman account, or ultimate ironman! Step 2: Once you pick your game mode, use the referral "Deziqn" for a few starting items and (FREE Regular Donator) Step 3: One of the best things you can do right away for an easier head start, be sure to ::vote! This will help both you and the server. Use ::voted after finishing. These are the rewards you can purchase! Step 4: Once that is finished, now you can start working on upgrading your gear. Best place to start is always the (Starter Zones) . Step 5: This will be the best place to get your stats up early on as well as a few other zones. With this zone, you also get (Starter Tickets) which can be used once clicked in the starter store. Step 6: After grinding for a little while, you can sell off items at the Taxbag Store at the home bank area. This will be a great method for early money. Step 7: Now the next step is to continue working through each zone and complete each tier. They all have KC Requirements to complete before moving on. Good luck on your grind here at Platinum. We hope you enjoy your stay!
  8. (This is just to show what style combat each boss is!) MORE WILL BE UPDATED! (Range Tier Npc's and Drops) Lowest to Highest Npc: Joker Hp: 500 -Joker Gear -Archers Gear -------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Defilers Hp: 4500 -Royal Pernix Armour -Golden Minigun ------------------------------------------------ Npc: Sirenic Beasts Hp: 5500 -Sirenic Set ------------------------------------------------- Npc: Cerberus Hp: 35000 -Crimson Pernix ------------------------------------------------- Npc: Hulk Hp: 300000 -Hulk Armour -Fate's Justiciar Armour ------------------------------------------------- Npc: Herbal Rogue Hp: 750000 -Herbal Rogue -Herbal Bow ------------------------------------------------- Npc: Ravana Hp: 3.5m -Detrimental Armour -Detrimental Minigun ------------------------------------------------- Npc: Custom Hellhounds Hp: 5m -BFG Set - 530k Range Bonus ------------------------------------------------ (MORE TO COME) (Melee Tier Npc's and Drops) Lowest to Highest Npc: Hercules Hp: 6000 -Hercules Armour -Demonic Frost Blade ------------------------------------------------------ Npc: Charizard Hp: 10000 -Blazed Armour ------------------------------------------------------ Npc: Godzilla Hp: 30000 -Rex Armour -Oreo Whip ------------------------------------------------------ Npc: Zeus Hp: 45000 -Zeus Armour -Zeus Hammer ------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Hurricane Warriors Hp: 85000 -Hurricane Armour -Hurricane Whip ------------------------------------------------------- Npc: King Kong Hp: 150000 -Kings Armour -Kings Sword ------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Lucid Warriors Hp: 225k -Lucid Armour -Hellfire Sword -------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Purple Wyrm Hp: 425k -Purple Wyrm Armour -------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Trinity Hp: 500k -Trinity Armour -Trinity Sword -------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Cloud Hp: 550k -Cloud Armour -Cloud Sword -------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Exoden Hp: 1m -Exoden Armour -Exoden Blade --------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Storm Breaker Hp: 1.75m -Storm Breaker Armour -Storm Breaker Maul --------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Noxious Troll Hp: 2.75m -Noxious Armour -Noxious Blade --------------------------------------------------------- Npc: Luminitous Warrior Hp: 4m -Luminita Armour -Luminita Sword (MORE TO COME) (Magic Tier Npc's and Drops) Lowest to Highest Npc: Frost Dragon Hp: 5000 -Frost Demon Armour -Demonic Frost Blade -------------------------------------------------- Npc: Lucario Hp: 7000 -Blessed Armour -Staff of Envy ---------------------------------------------------- Npc: Defenders Hp: 15000 -Defender's Textured Armour -Infernal Battlestaff ---------------------------------------------------- Npc: Infartico Hp: 55000 -Infernal Virtus Armour ---------------------------------------------------- Npc: Lord Valors Hp: 70000 -Lord Armour -Lord Valors Staff -Collector's Amulet --------------------------------------------------- Npc: Dzanth Hp: 125k -Dzanth Armour -Dzanth Staff --------------------------------------------------- Npc: Darkblue Wizards Hp: 330k -Darkblue Armour -Darkblue Staff --------------------------------------------------- Npc: Heated Pyros Hp: 400k -Heated Armour -Heated Staff --------------------------------------------------- Npc: Supreme Nex Hp: 1.4m -Supreme Armour -Supreme Staff --------------------------------------------------- Npc: Azazel Beast Hp: 3m -Azazel Armour -Azazel Scythe --------------------------------------------------- (MORE TO COME) Zones: Npc: Advanced Box Hp: 20000 -A variety of boxes --------------------------------------------------- Npc: Bowser/Luigi Hp: Bowser 55k / Luigi 10k -Colorful Tokens to use in the shop ---------------------------------------------------- (MORE TO COME) Miniguns: Normal Mg - 25 Range Bonus Golden Mg - 1350 Range Bonus Dragon Mg - 4050 Range Bonus Frost Mg - 6400 Range Bonus Shines Mg - 6800 Range Bonus Skyrocket Mg - 9350 Range Bonus Rainbow Mg - 15000 Range Bonus Hulk Mg - 25000 Range Bonus Platinum Mg - 275000 Range Bonus Detrimental Mg - 405000 Range Bonus -------------------------------------------------- Drop Rate Items: (We have so many more, this is just a small list) Mask of the Dead: 50% Drop Rate DR Boots 50% DR Ring 25% Dreamers Cape 50% Drop Rate Donator Aura 60% Drop Rate Rasta Teddy Bear 20% Drop Rate Demonic Olm Cape 10% Drop Rate Ring of Devotion 10% Drop Rate Drop Rate Bong 20% Drop Rate Normal Teddy's 10% Drop Rate Tztok Pet 2x Kc, Plus 25% Drop Rate Eevee Pets, Fire ,Water, Eletric, Fairy, 40% Drop Rate Eevee Pet. 30% Drop Rate Rainbow Eevee, 55% Drop Rate, (Banks drops & gives x2 Kill Count) Corp Pet, 20% Drop Rate (WAY MORE THAN THIS) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Miscellaneous: H'ween Aura: 7500 ALL Stats 50% Drop Rate H'ween Scythe: 25k ALL Stats Sharingan Aura 15k Stats, 70% Drop Rate Collector's Necklace "I", 20% Drop Rate Collector's Necklace, 10% Drop Rate This is just a small portion of what we hold. Gives an idea and once we add new updates, I will update this as well!

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